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Weekly Resolution Method by Chantal Souaid

16 Oct 10,30am EEST / 90 mins / Productivity

During this hands-on 1.5-hour workshop, participants will learn the science behind failing to implement goals, learn about the Weekly Resolution® concept for goal setting, learn proper goal setting mechanisms and at the end of this workshop, participants will be able to: catch their brain when it is tricking them, formulate a goal to be worked on during 2023, implement their goal one week at a time using the Weekly Resolution® concept

Branding by Cybelle Maalouf

13 Nov, 12pm EET / 60mins / Marketing

In this session Cybelle with cover the value of branding. You will learn about - the role of branding, branding elements, brand strategy, brand recognition, brand consistency, branding & value proposition, brand evolution & adaptation. Plus you will be provided some free tools if you have budget constraints preventing you from hiring a professional graphic designer. 


Nutrition & Well-Being by Suhad Hamd

1 Dec Nov, 1pm EET / 60mins / Well-Being

Explore the essentials of a healthier, more balanced life in our Nutrition and Wellness session. Learn about the impact of nutrition on energy levels, discover mindful eating practices, and gain practical tips for incorporating well-being into your daily routine. From balanced meal patterns to the benefits of regular exercise, this session equips you with essential tools for a vibrant and thriving lifestyle. Don't miss out on the opportunity to prioritize your health

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