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Femme Forward is an initiative, started by BARKAT participants, to create circles of support for 20-25 yo young women in the MENA region. These circles have an appointed facilitator and usually comprise of upto 8 participants. 

    Want to create a circle?

    Origin Story

    Participants of our BARKAT program are invited to initiate a social impact effort that will make a positive difference to the women and female youth. The participants of BK2 (Barkat Cohort 2) decided to create a support system for the youth i.e. females between 20 and 25 years of age. This became Femme Forward and the inaugural circle was developed and led by Zahra Sbeih.

    The Vision

    A world where every young woman in the MENA region has access to the resources, mentorship, and community needed to achieve their professional and personal aspirations. We strive to nurture a new generation of empowered female leaders who can make a lasting impact on their communities and beyond.


    The Mission

    To cultivate a community of young, ambitious female leaders in the MENA region, leveraging the Lean In model and resources and principles of Action Learning. We provide a platform for these impact oriented  individuals to connect, learn, and grow together, facilitating their journey towards a balanced personal and professional success. 

    Our Approach: The Lean In Model & Action Learning 

    Femme Forward operates on the principles of the Lean In model, a globally recognized methodology that empowers women to achieve their ambitions. By fostering a network of support, skill development, and mentorship, we enable young female leaders to break through barriers and reach their fullest potential. And Action Learning encourages participants to work on their real world challenges in a collective and collaborative manner. 


    Key Pillars of Femme Forward

    Community Building: Communities drive growth and resilience. Femme Forward is a space for young female leaders to connect, share experiences, and encourage one another.

    Skill Development: Through workshops, training sessions, and collaborative projects, we equip our members with essential skills required for personal and professional success.

    Mentorship and Guidance: Femme Forward facilitates mentorship programs, pairing emerging leaders with experienced mentors who provide guidance, wisdom, and encouragement.

    Networking Opportunities: We curate networking events and forums that enable our community to connect with professionals, potential collaborators, and industry experts.

    Express Your Interest in Joining a Circle

    Currently offered in Lebanon > IG @femmeforwardlebanon.We are expanding the Femme Forward Circles to other countries. If you are interested in initiating a circle in another country, please email with "Start Femme Forward (name of your country)" in the subject line. We will support you by providing the Femme Forward Playbook that will help you with details of step by step actions. 

    Coming in 2024

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