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by Puneet Sachdev, Founder

Read this section to appreciate the full context for

The Goddess Solution

I have been working with female leaders for several years and I come from a family of pioneering women in their work. The structure for The Goddess Solution actually emerged over an unintended four hour meditation in 2022. What usually would’ve been an hour long sitting turned in four hours as I felt I just to keep sitting and listen.

Fast forward to 2023. I was sharing about my childhood with a past coaching client and dear friend Jess Corbin. Below is what she reflected back to me, and it completely stopped me in my tracks! Something within went "click" 

“And when you were sharing your story what emerged for me was that your little boy has been drawn to the work of helping women be more integrated, powerful and heart centered in business is because that is what he wanted for his mama. So he made it his mission to synthesize right frameworks, mindsets and containers  (through non-linear space and time) so she could find her way. Of course your work is for your daughter as well, but it felt like the origin of this purpose came from the pain you experienced as a little boy. This work is your offering to heal that wound.” – Jess Corbin, CEO SORCE

There is no doubt at this time of global crisis, which also carries the seeds of a global transformation, elevating the feminine holds the key to this work of redemption and transformation.


It is also how we create homes where children feel loved and nurtured which is the genuine starting point of leadership our homes with our kids, the next generation of leaders. 

Founder's Message

The Goddess Solution has been in the works for over 35 years and has been shaped by influences like my mother, my daughter Ila, my teachers and guides, my circumstances, my consciousness. I don't own this. I am only the dotted lines around the circumference of this timeless circle. The Goddess Solution is owned by everyone who touches it and is touched by it. 


Vision, Mission, Values



Supporting female entrepreneurs and youth in order to foster a more equitable and prosperous world through the cultivation of self-assurance, enhanced economic independence, and amplified leadership,

  The Mission

Build an innovative ecosystem by collectively curating a supportive community of female entrepreneurs and youth surrounded by an incredible blanket of support and resources from subject matter experts, investors, successful expatriates and well-wishers



Grace - believing in miracles because of goodness

Community - supportive towards each other  

Well-Being - self care and care of others 

Creativity - to be resourceful and ingenious


The Barkat Team

Get to Know Us


Puneet Sachdev

Puneet, is the founder of The Goddess Solution and The Singularity Lab, a human capital consulting firm. He is globally experienced award winning people, culture and digital transformation leader and a management consultant. He has lived and worked in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia and has coached and supported female leaders for over a decade.  

Nourhan Sbeih
BARKAT Participant Experience

Nourhan Sbeih, with an LLM in International Business Law, is an entrepreneur who has successfully launched three businesses spanning management services, digital marketing, and SaaS. At The Goddess Solution, Nourhan plays a pivotal role in expertly creating the BARKAT program cohorts and ensures an excellent program experience for the participant, as well identifies potential sponsors for the cohorts. 

Chantal Souaid
Summit B Lead

Chantal Souaid is a productivity coach and founder of The Weekly Resolution®. She developed The Weekly Resolution® concept that revolves around the Uno-Trio® life balance concept and achieving goals one week at a time. At The Goddess Solution, Chantal is responsible to shape and launch our first ever gathering of female leaders - Summit B - an event designed to champion, inspire and recognise MENA female leadership and innovation. 

Advisory Board


Puneet Sachdev, Founder

Puneet, is the founder of BARKAT and The Singularity Lab, a human capital consulting firm. He is globally experienced award winning people, culture and digital transformation leader and a management consultant. He has lived and worked in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia and has coached and supported female leaders for over a decade 

Shikha Sachdev, Legal Advisor

Shikha Sachdeva is the Founder and the Managing Partner of ASM Law Offices. She is one of the most visible legal professionals in the Intellectual Property Rights field, with over 20 years of successful law practice under her belt, out of which 18 have been spent in the field of Intellectual Property Rights Law. 

Prof. Manjula O'Connor, Advisor

Professor Manjula Datta O’Connor is a psychiatrist in private practice with clinical and research   interest in migrant women’s mental health, family violence and complex trauma and trauma therapy.  She is Hon Clinical A/ Professor at the Department of Psychiatry University of Melbourne, and Adjunct Professor University of New South Wales Department of Social Sciences.​

Make a Real World Difference - Join Our Source Team

We are always looking for talented humane impact oriented individuals to support us scale right from the ground up. These are 3-6 month assignments with the potential to becoming longer term. There is no charge to take on these roles right now. In the future, being part of the Source team will involve a payment for participation. 

Image by Alizée Baudez
Image by Taylor Smith
Image by Christian Wiediger

Community Development Leader

Curate the community of experts and manage our Mighty Networks portal to create engagements between past and present participants and experts.  

Partnerships Lead 

Shape our future and put us on the global map by creating strategic partnerships for higher visibility, reach and impact. Create our network of angel investors

Social Media Lead

Bring BARKAT to life for the world by leveraging social media channels and create the opportunities for global participant visibility via podcasts etc.   

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