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Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson

CEO Healthtracka, Harambean, Speaker at MIT

"Puneet is experienced in working with female CEOs and he understands the nuances, the complexities that come with it. In my conversations with him I knew I was safe, could be vulnerable without the tag of 'too emotional'. The other one would have to be how insightful he is. He was able to help me introspect, dig deeper and find answers to problems and the solutions I was seeking. And I would say that for CEOs who are women, for founders, please reach out to Puneet. It has been it has been a privilege."

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Bristol Baughan

Emmy Award Winning, Oscar Nominated Hollywood Producer

“Oh Puneet, so much love for this man. Part teacher, friend, confidant, and guide, Puneet has held exactly the kind of container I need for moving through one of the challenging times of my life. He helped keep me in integrity and inspiration around my goals around writing and career. The spectrum he holds from the deeply spiritual to corporate institutional knowledge is the exact combination I needed. I can’t recommend him enough and will work with him again"

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Sandra D'Souza

CEO of Ellect, Author - From Bias to Equity, Public Figure

"Puneet Sachdev is an awesome Executive Coach. His unique style and approach have helped me (a seasoned executive) in a profound way. I certainly find his style very different from many mentors & coaches I have worked with. It’s a good thing.His gentle approach calms me at a deeper level and I think that’s how I was able to evolve so quickly. His words are so profound too. He got what I am saying right away and his response addressed the issue directly again in a gentle way. I highly recommend Puneet!”

Jessica Corbin

Founder SORCE, ex-E! 

“There was pretty immediate affinity. Puneet has an incredible gift of seeing people. Puneet has X-Ray vision. If you are interested in the type of coaching that is strategic, because Puneet is very strategic, very intelligent but he offers a whole another dimension to his coaching, something I appreciated wholeheartedly. There are many people who can coach you into achieving your goals, but what Puneet does for his clients - he not only coaches you on the goal line of your development but also on the soul line of your development. He is going to create illuminations and realizations because he sees so deeply. If you are looking for holistic development and getting to higher levels of freedom, I could not recommend anybody better”

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Sonia Mooney

Global HR Leader, ex-Global Head of Talent Excellence, Rolls Royce

“I felt an almost immediate shift when I started working with Puneet. He just “got me” and I felt understood - on a human level. He took the time to understand my vision, could instinctively see when & where I needed support, and helped me shape my way forward. Through working together I was able to tap into his experience, expertise, and instinct, and what I have been able to achieve during this time is mind-blowing. Thank you Puneet, you’re amazing!”

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